Q. Do iRefresh IV treatments hurt?

A. Generally, IV treatments are a painless process. All treatments are monitored by our experienced staff – if you do experience pain, please contact a member of the team immediately.


Q. Is it safe?

A. IV therapy is a healthy and safe way for your body to absorb important nutrients and vitamins. We infuse the treatment into your circulatory system by using an IV drip.

IV treatment is a tried and tested process that continues to help people around the world. As with any treatment, however, there are potential risks and side effects. These risks will be outlined to you prior to treatment, and we can also answer any questions you may have. During your treatment our staff will be available at all times.


Q. Are your IV treatments provided by qualified professionals?

A. Yes. Treatments are administered by qualified professionals. Some of our IV treatments require medical approval for administration. When required iRefresh will be happy to arrange a consultation prior to treatment.


Q.How often can I implement your IV treatment?

A. The amount of IV treatment you receive depends on your individual situation. Please ask our staff for further guidance.


Q. How quick will I feel the effects?

A. Everyone is different. As a general rule, the more deficient and unbalanced your system is, the greater and more immediate an effect you will feel. Just because you do not feel an immediate difference, doesn’t mean the therapy is not beneficial. IV therapies are great at flushing out the body of unwanted toxins and helping achieve balance.


Q. Do I need to make an appointment?

A. We encourage you to make an appointment if your plans are set. We do accommodate walk-ins but sometimes our locations can get very busy.