Are you feeling..

hungover from your night out, tired from a workout or exhausted from jetlag? Do you need a lifeline to help you get through the day? Whatever the case may be, we can help boost your energy levels to get your body back to its optimum level. iRefresh is a leading provider of health and wellness treatments.

Our IV therapy infusions cover a variety of wellness needs

by replenishing hydration, providing hangover relief, aiding recovery from illness, restoring vitamin and nutrient levels, refreshing your appearance, and revitalising your overall wellness.

Our IV therapy treatments work to flush out toxins in your body and are 100% absorbed into your bloodstream. We guarantee you’ll leave our clinic feeling rejuvenated in just as little as 30-45 minutes.

IV Therapy is a popular trend among celebrities and was once seen to be exclusive only to the rich and famous. IV treatments have now been made accessible and affordable for all individuals, and you can experience the much talked about benefits of hydration therapy at any of our clinics. iRefresh has a wide range of vitamin concoctions that are great for your health and keep your body hydrated. You can chat with friends in the lounge and relax whilst getting one of our treatments.


Visit any of our clinics and talk to one of our qualified staff members  

we can help you find the perfect IV infusion suited to your needs. You’ll experience one of the most effective ways to reach maximum vitality.